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CHS & AP Information


This CHS information is for 2023-2024. For additional details regarding the CHS Program, please contact your school counselor.




Advanced Placement program at Yough Senior High School includes:

AP Chemistry,  AP Biology, AP Physics (3 courses), AP Literature, AP US History, AP Government & Politics, AP Statistics, AP Music Theory II, and AP Calculus.




Financial Aid Information (Recorded Financial Aid Events, Scholarships, Loans, and more...)

Financial Aid Information:  

Pennsylvania Higher Education Assistance Agency (PHEAA) website hosts a variety of helpful financial aid information including:

Go to:


Financial Aid Information Webinars from PHEAA:


Financial Aid Information in video form from PHEAA:


Additional financial aid information is available in the guidance office.


Below are scholarship websites that can be helpful in searching for local, regional, and national scholarships:





Requests: School Counselor Visits, College Visits, Transcripts

School Counselor Visit:

  • Email your counselor directly. (Email addresses are listed at the top of the guidance website.)
  • Call your counselor  (Telephone numbers and Extensions are listed at the top of the guidance website.)


College or Post-Secondary School Visits:

  • PreApproval: Student email your counselor in advance.
  • Parent/Guardian: Complete the regular high school excuse and select College Visit. 
  • Questions to ask at a College Fair or on a School Visit:  College Fair Tips and Questions.pdf 


Transcripts for Current Seniors:

  • After your college application is complete, email your school counselor and Mrs. Petrosky the following information:
    • Full student name
    • College/University name


Transcript Request for Alumni

NCAA Student-Athlete College Information

College-bound junior and senior student-athletes: 

The NCAA Clearinghouse website is linked below. All student-athletes who aspire to play Division I or Division II sports at a college or university are required to go through the NCAA Clearinghouse approval process. Do not wait on this process. Complete the NCAA student-athlete application right away. For more information, contact your school counselor.

NCAA Clearinghouse Link Here


General Information

Food Offering:

If you are in need of food assistance, Yough High School connects with the local food bank to provide a Backpack Program where students have the opportunity to take home a few, neatly packaged, meals for the weekend. For more information, see your school counselor.