Requests: School Counselor Visits, College Visits, Transcripts

School Counselor Visit:

  • Email your counselor directly. (Email addresses are listed at the top of the guidance website.)
  • Call your counselor  (Telephone numbers and Extensions are listed at the top of the guidance website.)


College or Post-Secondary School Visits:

  • PreApproval: Student email your counselor in advance.
  • Parent/Guardian: Complete the regular high school excuse and select College Visit. 


Transcripts for Current Seniors:

  • After your college application is complete, email your school counselor and Mrs. Petrosky the following information:
    • Full student name
    • College/University name


Financial Aid Information (Recorded Financial Aid Events, Scholarships, Loans, and more...)

Financial Aid Information in video form from PHEAA:

 ***See Mrs. Raimondo for help in scholarship search during homeroom***



CHS & AP Information

Updated Nov. 20th:

Registration for AP and CHS is finished for Semester #1. Please contact your school counselor directly for detailed information, questions, or concerns.



The due date for AP Exam Registration: Nov. 2nd.

AP Exam Fees 20-21.docx  

AP Exam Schedule 20-21.pdf  

AP Students Join Process.pdf 



Click the link to view the College in High School Program video below:

The due date for CHS Registration: Sept. 30th  CLOSED NOW

 College In High School.docx 

 20-21 College NOW Enrollment Process Parent Proxy- Yough.pdf 

 Westmoreland Application Instructions.pdf 



Financial Aid Virtual Events

Updated February 9th:

There are multiple Financial Aid Events. Seniors and Juniors are encouraged to participate. Parents and Guardians are suggested to participate with their students. 

All interested students must register in advance on the attached calendar.

Understanding the Financial Aid Offer & Balances: The Financial Aid Offer, or Financing Plans, that you receive to provide an idea of the costs associated with attending post secondary education can be confusing as each school formats their information differently. PHEAA, represented by Linda Pacewicz and Daniel Wray of PA Forward are offering a one hour webinar to assist in understanding and navigating through the types of Aid listed, what you are being offered and identifying the balances and next steps needed. Q&A interaction is encouraged. Event Dates
Thursday, February 11 – Noon (ET)
Tuesday, February 16 – 6:30 PM (ET)
Thursday, February 25 – Noon (ET)

Covering the Gap – Pieces of the Puzzle to Help Pay Your Education Bill: Understanding education balances can be confusing and whether you’re trying to address the costs or beginning to plan for higher education, this review is for you. PHEAA, represented by Linda Pacewicz and Daniel Wray of PA Forward, are offering one-hour webinars on the topic of Covering the Gap. These webinars emphasize best practices (such as seeking grants and scholarships first), reminds families about additional resources (such as payment plans), and touch on private/alternative loans as a last resort. The discussion will also include the basics of credit: what is a credit score, what factors impact a credit score, how can a credit score be improved and the effects on your borrowing capability. Event Dates
Tuesday, February 9 – 6:30 PM (ET)
Wednesday, February 17 – 12:30 PM (ET)
Tuesday, February 23 – 6:30 (ET)

Or Copy/Paste:




To assist you in better understanding the financial aid application process, listed below are links to PHEAA publications.  Additional publications are available on the PHEAA website.

Student Aid Guide

Scholarship Tips

FAFSA Tipsheet

FSA ID Bookmark

Jayeann Harr, Higher Education Access Partner - SW
PHEAA - Pennsylvania School Services
Phone:  412-904-8545

SAT Test


 SAT 20-21 TEST DATES.pdf     *Dates subject to change due to COVID-19

Registration for the  Fall SAT is available. Students graduating in 2021 are encouraged to register for their SAT exam as soon as possible to reserve a spot.

Link here: Up-to-date SAT Plans





ACT Assessment

 ACT 20-21 TEST DATES.pdf   *Dates subject to change due to COVID-19

Register online at


PENN STATE University Application Workshop (Virtual)

Below is a link to the PSU presentation, created by Dave Davis, PSU Representative.  Interested seniors are encouraged to apply after you view the presentation. If you have additional questions, please see your school counselor.

Transcript Request for Alumni

NCAA Student-Athlete College Information

College-bound junior and senior student-athletes: 

The NCAA Clearinghouse website is linked below. All student-athletes who aspire to play Division I or Division II sports at a college or university are required to go through the NCAA Clearinghouse approval process. Do not wait on this process. Complete the NCAA student-athlete application right away. For more information, contact your school counselor.

NCAA Clearinghouse Link Here


General Information

Food Offering:

If you are in need of food assistance, Yough High School connects with the local food bank to provide a Backpack Program where students have the opportunity to take home a few, neatly packaged, meals for the weekend. For more information, see your school counselor.


Armed Services Notification:

 Senior Information Letter.pdf  

Junior Information Letter.pdf