College in High School (CHS) or Dual Enrollment Program

      Updated April 2, 2020

Yough's College in High School/Dual Enrollment Program will continue through the remainder of the school year. WCCC has agreed to move forward in partnership with Yough to successfully complete the school year. If you have additional questions, feel free to email Mr. Dawson or Mrs. Hipps.


    Updated April 3, 2020

College Board has adapted the exams to be online.

 Link here to College Board for AP Exam changes.

How to Access your Yough Student School Email

  How to access Yough Student School email?


  1. Go to


  1. Go to Student Resources


  1. Click on YSD e-mail link


  1. Enter Yough email address


  1. Click Next


  1. Enter Yough Password


  1. Click Next


  1. Click Yes to stay signed in


  1. Click Outlook


  1. Student can access email